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Let's Meet Up!


Labor Day Reunion

Golf Tournament, 1:00 PM
Ross Rogers Golf Course at Wild Horse


Breakfast-Commercial Exhibits Hall,
Tri-State Fair Grounds
3301 SE 10, Amarillo

Free Will (donations accepted)
Please let us know you are coming for the food count.


Rodeo – 2 PM at Boys Ranch


Banquet 6 PM: Commercial Exhibit Hall,
Tri-State Fair Grounds

3301 SE 10, Amarillo
PLEASE make reservations so we have a count for food.

Picnic noon,
Commercial Exhibit Hall,
3301 SE 10th    Amarillo.
Free Will (donations accepted)

Please let us know you are coming for the food count.


Please make reservations...



Call or text:
214-384-5050  or  806-655-3884


Anyone that wishes to host a Gathering in your area, please contact Sherry at 214-384-5050 or rsher9@aol.com to discuss setting it up.





If you would like to contribute to the Scholarship Fundraiser that will culminate on June 12th, please do so by sending your contribution, payable to CFBRAA and designated for Scholarships to:

603 Sunlight Dr. • Arlington, TX  76006-3636


Donate with your PayPal or Credit Card...






All Scholarship Donors will be recognized on the CFBRAA Website and all gifts to the CFBRAA are tax deductible.


Thank you for your continued support of the good work by your Alumni Association.


"Carrying on His Work"









Shop at smile.amazon.com and
donates to...
Cal Farley's
Boys Ranch Alumni Association

at no cost to you!


Veterans Memorial Project

Next Board Meeting

Regular Meeting

Saturday, August 13, 2022

10:30 AM CST

Generous 2021-22 Sponsors

We deeply appreciate the sponsors that have so generously helped CFBRAA in these recent times.  If you come in contact with any of these individuals or companies, please thank them for their support and patronize their business if you are able.


Angelo McLain in honor of Lefty and
JoLean Adams - 2021 Banquet


People’s Federal Credit Union,
co-sponsor of 2021 Banquet


TD Contractors- Tim Darnell
2021 Golf Tournament


Wieck Realty – Andy & Michele Justus
2021 Golf Flags

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux
2021 Golf Cart signs

Brown Buick GMC

Chuck and Becky Farrell

Consumer Coop, Canyon

Chicken Express East Amarillo
Aubrey Ellington

First United Bank, Rodney Ruthart

Austin & Tatum Dental, Amarillo

Edible Arrangements
Rick & Shelly Thompson

Ben E. Keith


Access Credit Union

Santa Fe Credit Union

Amy & Derek Brasher

Cam & Jordan Lindsey

Beverly & Steve Hall

Tom & Lori Novak

Sarpalius Boys

Mark Embry

Frances Waldrip

Michael & Cynthia Rogers

Randy & Tammy McLeod

Jimmie & Sherry Boatwright


Your Alumni Association continues to help you send your children to college.  Your Alumni Association continues to help your brothers and sisters in crisis situations.  Your Alumni Association continues to help you stay in touch with one another.  Your Alumni Association continues to encourage and help those of you who are residing in the Alumni Support Center.  Your Alumni Association continues to support the work of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.  Your Alumni Association continues to do Good Work.


   To become a member of Your Alumni Association all you need to do is correspond with us and pay annual dues of a mere $20, that is only a nickel a day.  There are those who contribute monthly, and there are those who partner with their employer to contribute significantly.  Cal Farley's is the largest single supporter of Your Alumni Association.  But remember that this is Your Alumni Association.  Your participation and support are VITAL to the Good Work done by Your Alumni Association.  Thank you for being a part of the Good Work Your Alumni Association get to do!



Foundation  Website

Leaving A Legacy


The Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association Foundation (CFBRAAF) was established to Carry On His Work to Future Generations.  We have all been recipients of the gifts of others, and we are committed to being, not just takers, but givers.  The Foundation has been the key to the long-term effective service of Cal Farley's.  While many other child care institutions have come and gone, Cal Farley's has been stable and effective through all kinds of economic changes, primarily because of the foundation Cal Farley established. The Alumni Association has followed that example and established a foundation to carry on the good work done by past and present former Ranchers to future generations.


 In the first five years, 84 contributors became Founding Legacy Partners.  They established the foundation for the foundation.  Since that time, all donors who contribute at least $1,000 over a five-year period becomes a Legacy Partner.  You can see to the left additional levels of Legacy Partnerships.


Another way to leave a legacy is by making a benefactor gift commitment.  Some former Ranchers have named the CFBRAAF in their will to carry on the work.  The following link takes you to a form you can use to set up a Benefactor Gift Commitment to the Alumni Association Foundation.


We have all been blessed, some much more than others.  We have benefited by the generosity of those who have left a legacy, folks we will only be able to thank in glory.  Now it's our turn to leave a legacy to future generations.  Won't you leave a legacy too?


Click here for Legacy Level details.


Founding Legacy Partners

Partners in Memory / Honor

Legacy Levels of Partners



PO Box 9435

Amarillo, Texas  79105