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Boys Ranch Livestock Show

With the canceling of events across the country, the boys and girls at the Ranch were not able to have their own livestock show.  They did participate in the Oldham County stock show and the Alumni Association provided prizes for the Ranchers. Cash prizes were given to grand champions, reserve champions and 1st through what ever place was needed for all participants to get a prize.


Grand Champions received $150; Reserve champions received $100.  All others received $75.  Total purse for the stock show was $2,100.  These prizes came from your support of the CFBRAA.  It is great to get to be a part of making the BR experience even better for those who come after us.  Thank you for your support.


2021 Alumni Reunion ???

Will we, or won't we have a reunion this coming Labor Day weekend?  That is the question!


Cal Farley's has not yet decided whether or not they will be able to have the Rodeo, or in what format they will have a rodeo.  With that in mind, WHAT DO YOU THINK about the Alumni Reunion?


We would like to get YOUR input in making the decision about the Reunion.


1 ...to the Alumni Reunion if there is a Cal Farley's Rodeo?

2 ...if only Alumni were invited to the Cal Farley's Rodeo?

3 ...to the Alumni Reunion if there is no Cal Farley's Rodeo?


Please email your response to cfbraa@gmail.com.  We would really appreciate your input as we make plans.


Have a safe, socially distanced, masked up, vaccinated, summer, and, Lord Willing, we'll See You in September!



Scholarship Fundraiser

The Alumni Association was unable to have the Scholarship Fundraiser Golf Tournament at Winstar this year.  However, we have 10 students receiving scholarships and we still needed to have the fundraiser.  Hence efforts were made to contact previous donors and raise the scholarship funds without the Golf Tournament.  We didn’t have any green fees (of course) and, sadly, though understandably, we had no sponsors.  However, due almost exclusively to the incredible effort of the Scholarship Committee Chairman, Chuck Farrell, we were able to raise sufficient funds to cover most of the expense for the coming year.  We still anticipate additional support to declare the 2020 Scholarship Fundraiser, in spite of what Covid threw at us.  We are all debtors to the dedicated effort and support of Chuck to the service we provide to family members of the CFBRAA in helping them attend college.


We continue to encourage folks to contribute to the scholarship fund.  One of our BOD members signed up to sponsor a scholarship.  That is to $2,000 to underwrite the scholarship of one student.  This is a fantastic way to support the work.  At the same time, if all you can give is $20; every little bit helps and 100% goes to scholarships.  Your dues and general support cover all of the overhead of the Association.


Make Contributions HERE



Bob’s Beat:

Wow didn’t see this coming!  Then again, few of us did.  Never expected 2020 to be what it is turning out to be.  Vacations are being canceled; gatherings are being suspended; families are hurting, and support groups are being overwhelmed.  I have personally had some serious health challenges this year.  But we look forward to better days.  (We certainly never anticipated days like these!)   It has been amazing to see how the tough times bring out the amazing grace in a lot of people.  We are blessed to be a family; a family of multiple generations, diverse ethnicity, with gifts, strength, weaknesses, and circumstances that allow us to actually be family to one another.  I must express my sincere gratitude to men and women who have stepped up and given of their time, talents and resources to help the CFBRAA be good for the family we serve.


I know here appears to be a lot in this newsletter about money.  The thing is, that is one of the areas where we have been most significantly impacted, and that impact definitely affects our future.  If you have been considering supporting your Alumni Association in any way, let me just say, please do so now!  Thank You Much for being family!!



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