Crisis Support

Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association seeks to help meet special needs of alumni with resources available. Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Support Services already addresses many of those needs.


The purpose of the Scholarship Policy of the CFBRAA is to provide guidance in allocation of available resources for assisting CFBRAA members and their families in achieving educational goals.


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Welcome to Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association was chartered to carry on the work begun in the lives of troubled kids by Cal Farley's Boys Ranch. It has grown to include former residents of Girlstown. The Charter identifies the purpose as:

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Leaving A Legacy

The Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association Foundation (CFBRAAF) was established to Carry On His Work to Future Generations. We have all been recipients of the gifts of others, and we are committed to being, not just takers, but givers. The Foundation has been the key to the long-term effective service of Cal Farley's. While many other child care institutions have come and gone, Cal Farley's has been stable and effective through all kinds of economic changes, primarily because of the foundation Cal Farley established. The Alumni Association has followed that example and established a foundation to carry on the good work done by past and present former Ranchers to future generations.

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